Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pet Day

WALT: Describe our Pet Day
S.C The reader understands my feelings about Pet Day.

I had fun at the pet Day meeting new animals and patting my favorite. I got to pat my favorite farm animal which was a sheep and my favorite dog a German Shepherd. My feelings were when a big dog jumped on me I got a little scared. When I saw the blue tongue lizard I thought it was a snack. I saw some people patting rats. I don't like rats. when we were doing the Pet parade the rain ruined the pet parade.  

Mr Twit

Mr Twit is a hairy man that is ugly and disheveled, his long beard catches all his old food.

Mr Twit gets grumpy when Mrs Twit does tricks on him. He is smelly most of the time, he smells like old bread crumbs and dried milk.
He is a selfish man that sticks the stickiest glue in the world on his tree in his backyard and catches birds and makes bird pie.

I think that Mr Twit is a selfish man. If ever  I was to meet him I would  feel frightened in case he made me into kid pie!