Friday, May 12, 2017

the Mirror in the Attic

WALT write a “moment in time” piece of writing.

I can see:
A magic mirror that swirls in spirels.
I can hear:
A vibrating sound

I can smell:
Nothing because my nose is blocked from sneezing after breathing in all the dust.
I can smell lots of dust .  
I can feel:
I can touch slimy gel
I can feel gel like water.

I can taste:
Particles of fluffy dust in my mouth
Fluffy dust that is yuck

Sarah kneels carefully in front of the mirror curious about what might happen.

She sees a magic mirror that looks like water that swirls in spirals.

She hears a vibrating sound when she touches it.

She smells lots of dust that looks like fluffy particles which does not smell good.

Sarah tastes lots of tiny particles of dust that don’t taste good.

She feels slimy gel when she touches the mirror.

Sarah is the only one in her family that can see the mirror’s magical things.   

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