Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Writing/the jealous Griffon

WALT:I can use a text structure that is appropriate to the purpose.  

                              The jealous Griffin

Once upon a time there lived a Griffin in the jungle. One day Lion and Elephant got new devices for BYOD to school. When the 9:00 bell rang for school Mr Owl said “come in class”. Griffin got a little bit jealous about It because he didn’t have one. So when everyone went out for lunch time Griffin quickly took the two devices and hid them in his desk. When lion and elephant went to the cupboard to get their devices they  were not there. So they went home and told their parents that they lost their devices. The next morning Hippopotamus brought her new bike to school . She asked Griffin “do you like my bike?”. So when hippo went outside for lunch Griffin quickly went to the bike stand and hid hippo’s bike in a bush. When the school bell rang hippo went to get her bike but it wasn’t there. So hippo went home and told her parents that her bike was lost. The next morning Lion’s, Elephant’s and Hippo’s parents came and told the principal that Lion and Elephants devices and Hippo’s bike were stolen. Griffin saw that her friends parents were talking about where their things were. So Griffin came into the office and said it was me I hid your stuff. The principal asked where did you hide  their things. So Griffin took them to Lion and Elephants devices. After that Griffin took them to where he had hidden the bike. Then Griffin forgot which bush had the bike, so Hippo guessed which bush  and she got it right. Then the principal said “why did you steal their things” “because I was jealous” “I am really sorry can you forgive me guys” . They said “yes”. So when someone got a cool thing Griffin never stole a thing again.

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